Design Team of the Year (Sponsored by BWW Communications)

ByteSnap Design



Educational Support Award


Arm - Arm Education: helping close the engineering and STEM Skills gap

Axiom Manufacturing Services Empowering the next generation of the UK's electronics industry

Keysight – Keysight: Education drives innovation

HarwinThe Harwin Academy

Maxim Integrated - Donation of A Robotic Learning Factory to University College Dublin

Rapid Electronics

RS Components RS Components supporting education

UltraSoC Technologie- Uniting industry and academia to fuel successful growth

Rising Star of the Year (Sponsored by Power Integrations)

Giovanni Sobrero - Rolls-Royce

Alex Beasley - Pico Technology

Kate Self - BT

Kerris Boulton - The University of Manchester

Katherine Scott - BT

Gethn Pickard - Plessey Semiconductors Ltd

Tom O’Brien - BT

Thank you to our 2019 Elektra Awards Partners