The Product Category

Any size of organisation - Elektra Awards have been won by one-person consultancies, SMEs and multi-nationals. Entries must be in English.

You are the expert on this.

You may already be particularly proud of something (or someone) this year, or you can seek inspiration from the Elektra Award category list.

All product launches and innovations, manufacturer’s information, project and company information should relate to the 12 month period from end of June 2018 to end of June 2019.

Entries must relate to mass production availability and not sample availability.

If the same entry was made for the 2018 Awards it will be disqualified unless you can demonstrate that substantial developments or improvements have taken place.

1. Read the appropriate category entry criteria for guidance on what the judges need.

2. Spend your word count allocation, answering and supporting with facts and figures about the product/person/service/company you are entering.

A great work of literature is not required, but write clearly because the judges are only human.

Bear in mind the word count allocation and keep to the point: "Company X, globally renowned supplier of high-performance Product Y and the 'You Know it Makes Sense' company, focused on solving your time-to-market challenges...." ...will waste at least 20 words of your allocation.


You may only enter once into any one category. If you put more than one entry in a single category, only one of them will be presented to the judges. This entry will be chosen arbitrarily.

Yes, however be mindful that each category has a different set of criteria so do not copy and paste your entry.

View categories and criteria here.

A data sheet or diagram is legitimate supplementary information, as is a photo or diagram that explains something about the entered person, product, service or company.

When categories allow links to videos, the maximum video length is two minutes.

Do not submit a press release - any relevant information should already be described within in the word count allocation. D

o not send entire PowerPoint presentations - but a single diagram extracted from one might be relevant.

Do not send web links to company websites. Do not send web links to product pages. A link to a web page that is a result of a project that is the subject of an entry might be relevant

Thank you to our 2019 Elektra Awards Partners