We are delighted to present the finalists for the 2021 Elektra Awards below:


Best Campaign of the Year

WINNER: Electrocomponents - Helping improve the lives of 100,000 people worldwide

Lascar Electronics Ltd. - Covid vaccine monitoring best practices

Mouser Electronics, Inc. - Mouser and Analog Devices: Big Ideas Rely on Tiny Details

Red Pitaya - The most inexpensive remote tool for teaching during Covid-19

Spacechips - PR for the global space industry

Vortex PR - Rebranding of Sondrel

Distributor of the Year

Sponsored by Panasonic

Digi-Key Electronics

Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Powell Electronics Europe

Radwell International Ltd.

Rapid Electronics

Rochester Electronics Ltd.

WINNER: RS Components

Manufacturer of the Year

Sponsored by Publitek

Custom Interconnect Ltd.



University Research Readers' Choice Award

Sponsored by RS Grassroots

WINNER: University of Bath

Start-up Electronics Business of the Year

Agile Analog

WINNER: Crypto Quantique

Flusso Ltd.

Ignys Ltd.


Automotive Electronics Award

Sponsored by Rochester Electronics

ams OSRAM - AS5116 Rotary Position Sensor

Analog Devices - Automotive-Grade Secure Authenticator for Genuine Parts

Dukosi Ltd. - Making Electric Vehicle Batteries Safer, Simpler and Smarter Through Cell by Cell Monitoring and Wireless Communications

Microchip Technology - LAN9360 Audio Endpoint Controller

Murata - SCHA63T High-Accuracy Multi-Axis Inertial Sensor

OmniVision - OAX4000 High-Performance Companion Image Signal Processor

onsemi - World's First Automotive Qualified Silicon Photomultiplier for Automotive Applications

WINNER: Paragraf - GHS-A Hall Effect Sensor for Mapping of EV Battery Cells

Rohde & Schwarz - RTS: Accelerating the Development of Automotive Radar for Autonomous Driving

Texas Instruments - Best-Performing Wireless BMS Solution

Award for Excellence in Product Design (High-reliability systems)

Analog Devices - ADFS5758

Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult - SNORQL

Lynx Software Technologies - LynxSafe

WINNER: Microchip Technology - Microchip LX7720 Integrated Radiation-Hardened Motor Controller

OMC (UK) Ltd. - FDE870HE SMA Fibre-optic Transmitter

Quectel Wireless Solutions Co. Ltd. - RM500Q 5G IoT Module

RECOM Power GmbH - new benchmark for compactness in the class of AC power supplies

Renesas Electronics - Intersil Brand 14-Bit, 1-MSPS ADC

Award for Excellence in Product Design (Medical)

Sponsored by Analog Devices

ams OSRAM - AS585xB Family of Products

ams OSRAM - NanEyeM

Brandon Medical Co. Ltd. - Quasar eLite Surgical Light

WINNER: OmniVision Technologies, Inc. - OH0TA OVMed Medical Image Sensor

RECOM Power GmbH - Dc/DC Converters in SOIC-16 Package

RECOM Power GmbH - 1200W Fanless AC/DC Power Supply

Design Tools and Development Software Award

Sponsored by Swindon Silicon Systems

Cadence - Sigrity X signal and Power Integrity (SI/PI) Tool Suite

Future Facilities Ltd. - 6SigmaET - Release 15

WINNER: Percepio AB - Tracealyzer for Linux

Siemens Digital Industries Software - Tessent Streaming Scan Network

Silanna Semiconductor - Power Density Hero Custom AC/DC and DC/DC Design Tool

Synopsys - TestMAX

Internet of Things Product of the Year

Sponsored by Micron

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult - SPECTRAIL

WINNER: Crypto Quantique - Quantum-Drive Technology Creates the World's Most Secure and Scalable IoT Security Platform

Digi International - ConnectCore 8M Mini is an Embedded System-on-Module Designed for Longevity and Scalability in Industrial IoT Applications

Murata - Yamori Advanced LPWAN Development Platform

Nordic Semiconductor ASA - nRF5340 Dual-Core Bluetooth 5.2 SoC Supporting Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Mesh, NFC, Thread and Zigbee

onsemi - RSL10Smart Shot Camera Enables Event Triggered Imaging with AI

Silicon Labs - EFM32PG22 Gecko Microcontroller (MCU) Family

Silicon Labs - EFR32xG21 Series 2

Socionext Europe GmbH - Next-Generation Long-Distance Power Line Communications for IoT and Smart Connected Systems and Devices

Socionext Europe GmbH - Radio Wave Sensors for the Super Smart Society

Trameto Ltd. - Simple, Effective and Economical Power Management of Micro Energy Harvesting

Zerynth - 4ZeroBox: Industrial IoT Device to Easily Transform and Digitalize both Legacy and Modern Industrial Machines

Passive and Electromechanical Product of the Year

Binstead Designs Ltd. - Extending touchscreens and Displays

WINNER: Harwin plc - Kona Connector Series

Panasonic - New ZU Series of Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid Capacitors with Remarkable Ripple Current and Temperature Features

Panasonic - AEC-Q200 Certified High Temperature Chip Resistors ERJH Series

Pickering Electronics - Series 67 HV SPDT Form C Reed Relays

Snaptron - First of its Kind Dome Switch with Dual Action Capabilities

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Vishay Intertechnology - SMDY1 Series Surface-Mount Ceramic Disc Capacitors for EMI Suppression

Power System Product of the Year

Analog Devices - LTM4681: Quad 31.25A or Single 125A uModule Regulator with Digital Power System Management

Eggtronic - E2WATT Wireless Power Supply Technology

onsemi - LED Driver Solution Enables Innovative Connected Lighting Applications Including VLC

Power Integrations - InnoSwitch 4-CZ

Powerbox International AB - High Efficiency DC/DC Converter for Light Rail and Industrial Applications

RECOM Power GmbH - 1200W AC/DC Power Supply for Industrial and Medical Applications

Renesas Electronics - Industry's First 60W Wireless Power Receiver IC

Texas Instruments - LM25149-Q1

WINNER: Trameto Ltd. - Simple, Effective and Economical Power Management of Micro Energy Harvesting

Zytronic - ElectroglaZ, a Transparent Power Delivery Technology

Semiconductor Product of the Year (Analogue)

Sponsored by Mouser

Analog Devices - ADAQ23875, 16-Bit, 15MSPS Module Data Acquisition Solution

WINNER: Crypto Quantique - On-Chip Analogue IP Enables Femtoamp-Level Measurement of Quantum

Navitas Semiconductor - NV6128 GaNFast Power IC

onsemi - NCP1680 CrM Totem Pole PFC Controller

onsemi - 1200 V Full Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET 2-Pack Modules

SPARK Microsystems - UWB Wireless Transceivers

STMicroelectronics - MasterGaN: High Power Density 600V Half-Bridge Driver with Two Enhancement Mode GaN HEMTs

STMicroelectronics - ST60A2G0: 60 GHz RF Transceiver A2 Family

Texas Instruments - ADC3660 Family of High-Speed ADCs

Trameto Ltd. - Simple, Effective and Economical Power Management of Micro-Energy Harvesting

UnitedSiC - First Sic FETs Based on Advanced Gen 4 Technology

Semiconductor Product of the Year (Digital)

Sponsored by Arrow

WINNER: Ambarella, Inc. - CV5 Edge AI Vision SoC for Single 8K and 4K Multi-Imager AI Cameras

CEVA - Bluebud Wireless Audio Platform for True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, Smart Watches and Wearables

Empower Semiconductor - EP70xx Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVRs)

KIOXIA Europe GmbH - World's Thinnest 1TB UFS NAND Flash Memory for Embedded Applications

Lattice Semiconductor - CertusPro-NX General Purpose FPGAs

MediaTek, Inc. - T750 Platform Expands Access to 5G Connectivity

Renesas Electronics - Entry-Level RZ/V2L MPUs Deliver Best-in-Class Power Efficiency and High-Precision AI Accelerator

Xilinx, Inc. - Kria Portfolio of Adaptive System-on-Modules to Accelerate Innovation and AI Applications at the Edge

XMOS - How xcore.ai is Set to Underpin the $3tn AIoT Market of the Future

Test Product of the Year

Anritsu - Distributed, Modular 2-Port Vector Network Analyzer ME7868A: Improving High-Frequency S-Parameter Measurements over Distance

Keysight Technologies - N9042B UXA X-Series Signal Analyzer

Pickering Interfaces - High-density PXI & PXIe LVDT, RVDT & Resolver Simulator Modules

Red Pitaya - SIGNALlab, an All-in-One Industrial Test & Measurement Tool

WINNER: Rohde & Schwarz - RTS: Accelerating the Development of Automotive Radar for Autonomous Driving

Yokogawa Europe - Test & Measurement: Getting a Complete Picture of Complex Systems - IS8000 Integrated Measurement Software Platform and High Speed DL950 ScopeCorder


Design Team of the Year

Sponsored by BWW

Harwin plc - Harwin Design Team

WINNER: Ignys Ltd. - Electronics & Software Design Team Promote Innovation with a Heart

Peratech Holdco Ltd. - Hydra - Innovation in Gaming

Sondrel - Semi-Custom Architecting the Future IP Platforms

Educational Support Award

WINNER: Electrocomponents - Grass Roots Education

Imagination Technologies - Imagination University Programme RVfpga

Red Pitaya - Supporting Teachers & Professors during Covid-19

Spacechips - Educating Today's and Tomorrow's Space Electronics Engineers

Rising Star of the Year

Mihai Ciortuz - Crypto Qunatique

Jack Elms - BT

Callum Middleton - Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult

Zain Nazar - BT

Tom O'Brien - BT

WINNER: Jessica Reading - Siemens plc